Patrol Services

When you select SecureNet Patrol Services, you will no longer wonder if your property was really patrolled. We know with other patrol providers there is always that question, but not with us. Our proprietary reporting system, Argus Patrol Reporting System® will tell you when we were on your property, what we did while we were there, what we observed and the nightly duties which we performed. Included in our daily emailed report is also a site plan of your property which outlines the location of any problem conditions or potential hazards.

Special inspections or requests are never a problem for us either. With our property reporting system, you quickly enter your work order day or night and our patrol division receives your request in real time.

We’re different and you’ll discover that right away – you will never miss a light out, structural damage, water leakage or unsafe conditions and with SecureNet’s ability for quick response and by using the information which we provide to you in real time, your ability to manage property is immediately enhanced.

We Deliver Green Service:

SecureNet Protection Services