Guarding Service Solutions

Officer Programs

SecureNet designs its service offerings specifically to add value to our customers business. We understand the responsibility that we undertake when we commit to our customer’s enterprise and our customers become aware of this high level competency from the very start. SecureNet’s planning, execution and continuous management is based upon superior levels of experience and reliability. When you select SecureNet as your protection partner you will too see the proof immediately; from the extra time and care we put into the job design upfront – to our on-going programs committed to continuous improvement- it’s this mindset that sets us apart from the rest in our industry and it’s this approach that allows us to provide the very best available in total security solutions. The results are superior designed programs, quality service, and most importantly; employee and customer satisfaction and retention which are unmatched in the industry.

Our goal is to employ the most talented and committed people on every level of our company and to deliver the best quality service obtainable in our market space. The best people, the most up-to-date methods and systems, active owner involvement and in-depth experience and capabilities all add up to the best total security solutions available.

Security Officer Division

SecureNet is selective about the jobs we commit to and because of this; we can be just as selective about the officers we hire. We design everything we do to achieve excellence in recruitment, screening, training and management of your guard force, ensuring that the personnel assigned to your site present the best image of you and your company. All employees are screened and provided with up to 40 hours of training before arriving to your site. Once assigned, our personnel are professionally trained to your site’s specific requirements and then tested monthly as a part of our ContinuousNet Training Program© on knowledge of their duties and your security needs. We also realize it’s our responsibility to keep the employees assigned to your site, happy and motivated, day-in and day-out and that is why we have developed comprehensive benefit programs and Performance Awards that benefit you in terms of better service and benefit our employees in terms of greater job satisfaction. Our well rounded experience and extensive capabilities allow SecureNet to successfully deploy total security solutions to every type of sector, industry and environment.

Specialized Facility Officer SFO®

This is a SecureNet designed service offering and allows for highly customizable, customer focused security solutions. Our SFO® Service is an Accomplishment-Based Assignment Program that is built to recruit the most qualified professionals available and is entirely based upon your facility’s specialized need. Our SFO® Service combines the best offerings of a proprietary guard unit and the depth and resources of a contact guard provider – it is quite simply the Best of Breed in guard force management and services. Take a look at the differences:


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