Best In Class

Best-In-Class Technology, Superior Communication,and our Dedicated Personnel are what Sets Us Apart.

Our proprietary reporting system is our unique approach for managing guards effectively and efficiently. ARGUS™ is always on, so that you don’t have to be. Our digital systems are convenient, accurate, and GREEN. We are paperless and help you in your paperless efforts too.

All Officers utilize a Droid phone to access ARGUS™, place emergency phone calls, and check vital emails to maintain effective communication. Reports are created virtually by Officers using the Droid phone. They are immediately saved on a secure server and are available for on-line access 24/7.

We will place unobtrusive RFID markers at strategic locations throughout your property to ensure that all high-risk areas have been checked on a regular basis. These markers are linked with the reports created by the Officers to ensure that all areas are inspected fully.

All reports are e-mailed to you on a schedule of your choosing. All reports can be customized to the needs of your site so that your required tasks are accomplished and reports can be sent directly to different members of your team that you designate. Know that your dedicated Security Officers are on-duty on time each day through ON-Duty™, our web based time-tracking program. ON-Duty™ quality assurance is monitored by field supervisors who will respond to your property if the tour sites are not time-stamped on schedule.

Easily notify your guard of changes they need to know about after-hours activities occurring on premises by sending an instant message on our Mercury™ System that makes it simple for clients to communicate directly with their guard. Mercury™ is easily accessed through your computer or smartphone. You can put future events in the system with assurance that Mercury™ will track it and verify that the communication is viewed. Did you get home from work and realize you forgot to tell your guard that carpet cleaners would be arriving at 11:00 pm and need access? No problem, Mercury™ is the most convenient way for you to update your guard on changes in the routine.

0ur proprietary Online Learning System ensures that Security Officers have superior skills and knowledge.
SecureNet Training Specialists are experts not only in the field of Security but also in education. All Officers have 24/7 access to ATHENA™ through the mobile devise assigned to the account, enabling them to carry their training with them wherever they are.

Our proprietary Post Order System ensures that Security Officers have all the information they need to fulfill every task required at your property. Up-to-the-minute changes are transmitted through our digital system so that Officers can implement these post orders immediately. All officers working on your property are required to verify digitally that they have received and understand any updates to their responsibilities. ATLAS™ allows you to write and submit special duties or notices directly to your Officers through our on-line Client Portal. Officers in the field have constant access to the Post Orders for your site, eliminating guess-and-check methods of problem solving.

We hire and keep the best security personnel available. We do thorough background screening, drug testing, and mandatory ongoing training. We have comprehensive award programs for employee recognition including Quality Service Awards, 212 Degrees, Find of the Month, and Supervisor Bonus Programs.


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