About Us

About SecureNet Protection Services

Core Beliefs

Our Values

Put integrity into all we do. Put people first. Build relationships. Do what we say we will do. Commit to constant improvement. Commit to quality. Communicate effectively. Never sacrifice employee safety for business growth. At all times, do what is best for our customer. Be generous. Be decisive. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

Our Vision

If we honestly integrate our values and beliefs into the management and care of our company we will be able to hire and keep the best employees and we will be able to partner with and retain the best customers. We will work to continually develop greater opportunities for the members of our company. We will work continually to be known as absolutely the best providers of security solutions within the geographical market which we serve.

Our Mission

Service. Providing safe, secure environments. Protecting our customer’s people, property and information. Helping customers maintain the equity of their business and the profitability of their business. This is why we are here - and by remaining true to our Values and focusing on our Vision we will accomplish the Mission.

Our Test

The confirmation of Our Values, of Our Vision, of the success of Our Mission will be demonstrated by our customers - to whom we become irreplaceable business partners to, and by our employees - who will trust us and be loyal, and our competitors - who will respect the work we do. Our goal is simple: to have employee and customer retention that is known to be the best in our industry – that will be the measurement, that is the test.
SecureNet Protection Services